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The Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill, South Carolina

The Park area is located in the middle of the Town of Fort Mill.  The site is the location of one of the original Mills of Springs Mills textile company.  The plant burned in the late 1980’s.  After the site was demolished and cleared the CEO at the time, Walter Elisha envisioned a park on the land.  In early 1990 and 1991 the proposed park was called Mill Run.

The design parameters were to have a walking trail around the perimeter for the residence of the community and a meadow interior that could be used for a variety of uses, potentially playing ball sports or just open Frisbee throwing.  In addition the trail was to have exercise stations and sitting spaces.

An open space was left open for a future amphitheater and spaces were planned for future sculpture art work.

Over the past twenty years the park has matured, sculptures have been installed, and a children’s playground was installed that was not part of the original scheme master plan.  The now named Walter Y. Elisha Park named after the former CEO of Springs Industry is used heavily by the citizens and is now owned by the last remaining US owned part of Springs.

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