Project Management Service

Once an owner or a developer has commissioned us for the design phase of a project we also can provide the service of continuing to be part of the project through completion.

What this means that we will work with you throughout the project.

We will manage a project for an owner as the continuation of the design moves through the more detailed phases or what is commonly called construction documents. Next being the bidding phase to procure pricing for the construction, we will contact contractors that are for the individual parts of a project and work with a general contractor if that will be more cost effective for you the owner.

Once we have selected a contractor we provide a contract for the owner and contractor to sign and start the project.

Overseeing the installation or construction of the site, buildings, grading, irrigation, Stormwater, planting, and finally to construction completion.

We have procured and administered contracts with the different construction craftsman on behalf of owners. We will be on the site to see that the work is adhered to through the details, observe for quality, and quantity on behalf of the owner.  This role is also one to make approvals of payments to contractors and be available for modifications for artistic and improvements in the design with craftsman.

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Project Management in Rock Hill

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