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One Of Our Latest Landscape Designs

front yard bordersidewalk border

Front area along sidewalk and front foundation prior to new landscape.

pic 3 borderpic 4 border

Above is the front foundation after installation


The design extends the brick foundation and porch pier material of the porch out towards the street. This design creates a small court yard effect using a low brick wall and piers. We are repeating the material, providing some definition, and creating an approach court yard that is also lit at night by low voltage lighting on each pier. The piers are capped by Tennessee sand stone that repeats a stone material that is used in the back yard. The concrete pavers creating the small turf area in the court yard is also a design element used in the back yard defining an outdoor patio space. Plant material includes; Mondo Grass, Low spreading “Prostata’ Plum Yew, Fortissimo Daffodils, and Heuchera variety. The design enhances the front area to make much more attractive, a greeting space that is low maintenance, and a sustainable front yard.





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