Stormwater/SWPPP Designs

We design and prepare SWPPP, (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans), for commercial and residential sites.  These plans are required for projects in York County, City of Rock Hill, and all throughout South Carolina and North Carolina.  The SWPP Plans are now required for all new construction that includes grading and filling.  this requirement is to acquire a grading permit in South Carolina as per DHEC regulatory requirements.  The plans include grading plans, erosion and sediment control, standard notes, and details that provide the modes of construction to maintain the quality of the site during construction.  there are also documents that will be filled out, owner responsibility forms, and fees to the approval authority.  We will take care of all those documents for you.

After the SWPPP are approved and the grading has started, we are retained on a continuing basis for weekly site visits and reports.  The inspections are also a requirement of the SWPP Plans.  These inspections insure the site is protecting the environment; no soil is leaving the site, concrete is being disposed of in a responsible manner, and silt fences are properly maintained during construction.  These inspection visits and reports continue until we apply for a N.O.T. (Notice of Termination).  This N.O.T. is complete when the site receives final approval from the approval authority.  That will be when the project is complete


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          Stormwater Designs in South CarolinaStormwater designs in York County

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