Sustainable Design

Sustainable design seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building performance.  The basic objectives of sustainability are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments. Sustainable design principles include the ability to optimize site potential, minimize non-renewable energy consumption, use environmentally preferable products, protect and conserve water, enhance indoor environmental quality, and optimize operational and maintenance practices. Utilizing a sustainable design philosophy encourages decisions at each phase of the design process that will reduce negative impacts on the environment and the health of occupants without compromising the bottom line. 

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As we move forward into a new generation of sustainable design, we will be using the new technology, the LEED associations, and continuing education to create the spaces for living in the next twenty years. As a certified LEED Green associate, we will be specializing in sustainable green and custom home design and construction management to include energy efficient passive solar homes, passive solar additions, home renovation, and green home remodeling. In addition to the residential home design, the landscape architecture will be integrated into all aspects of site design for residential and commercial projects.

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