Wetland Determinations & Delineations

Wetland determinations and delineations are performed for clients that need a qualified approved professional to go to a site that is under consideration for development. Once a developer or owner commissions us to perform this task, we go to the site to investigate and prepare a report on the observation and research on the property. The site may have a stream, an intermittent stream, a body of water, or no water feature on the subject property. The purpose of a site visit and checking for water related features is to determine whether the owner; one, must adjust the planned program use of the property, two, use the report to make adjustments in the development permitting process, three, or if there no wetlands to be determined on the property; then the development can move forward without wetlands being an issue.

When we walk the property, we take pictures, possibly soil samples, and identify flora and fauna. We research natural resource documents on the property in this regard as part of the report. The report could be a short letter stating that there are no issues on the property or a several page report that states there are wetlands on the site and what steps may be needed to move forward with the development planning process.

If the owner makes the decisions that the planning process is to continue after our first letter or report, we would then return to the site and flag the wetland boundary while making a field report of the water feature. Once the delineation is complete we help with the procuring a surveyor to have the line surveyed in preparation of the permitting process if that is the path that the owner has made.

We work with the owner to submit the wetlands permitting documentation and assist during the permitting process which will take several weeks working with the USACE.

We use the site inventory to help in planning with the natural features of the land in analyzing the land for more detail designing the program of the land plan.


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wetlands near rock hillwetlands in rock hill


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